Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I survived the Reagan years...So the GOP can kiss my ass!!!

“Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” quoted by Winston Churchill.
I have realized that American is a country that's bipolar & delusional. Meaning, we are insane because many have forgotten the legislation of past presidents & the harm it has caused.

I survived the Reagan years January 20, 1981 – January 20, 1989. Most of my generation might not remember the times. But for me, it was the 1st time I was ever aware of an income divide between folks. I listened to the KYW1060 with my Grandfather daily. I remember listening to commentary of the air traffic controller strike. I asked my Grandfather why the government was interested in business. He told me that government was a business. I might not have fully understood it then but I damn sure do now. Reaganomics, tickle down theory, Just say no to drugs & Peace Through Strength are a few phrases I remember. But the news, the commentary, the uncertain looks on adults faces, stick in my mind like a hot razor. Increased military spending (Ft.Dix Mcquire Air Force Base was right down the road from my home), higher taxes for the middle class, drugs flooding Black & Latino neighborhoods, the Just Say No czars coming into schools are the things I remember with a heavy heart.
So when the Becks & Palin of today talk about too much government involvement or cry that they want their country back, my 1st thought is of Reagan & the future of economics failures that came to past.

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  1. Diva...you DID say that this country IS delusional..."We" (I use that term loosely) are quick to forget things that damn near destroyed us...only to have the same lessons brutally taught to us until we understand...