Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Black, Good Looking Men Aren’t Gay, Heifers!!!!

Only gay men can look good.

Image my disbelief when I hear, time & time again by Black women, that any Black man that looks well groomed or is well dressed are queer. Sounds like somebody’s been drinking hateraide.

There was a time when maybe, just maybe, it was true that only queer men dressed well, looked good, spoke well, etc. But those days have long past. Straight Black men are finally letting their egos talk for them via their clothes. Atypical Black man dress be damned!! **The pants on the butt, huge diamond earrings isn’t a normal Black man outfit. It’s a young & dumb Black kid outfit & that’s not what I’m talking about**

Men’s fashion has come a very, very long way in style, fabrics, colors & tailoring, especially Black men’s fashion. For many years, baggy pants, formless polo shirts & high priced sneakers were the staples in a Black man closet. Plain black/blue/brown suits in, WTF!!!, polyester/rayon. Light pink/sky blue or bold & blinding colors were the only eye popping shades a man could wear. Black or white socks were standard. And many Black men had no idea how to groom themselves… Unkempt nails, scraggly facial hair, back hair, ear hair…Yeck!!!! It’s almost a wonder that many straight Black men received play from women, looking like Breakin’ rejects. ( )

Behold 2010!! Fitted button down shirts in a myriad of colors. Fitted jeans, oh thank the good Gods for fitted jeans!!! Well fitting t-shirts with modern prints or throw backs images. Tailored suits in linen, summer wool, cottons, even hemp in so many styles men need bigger closets. And I thank whomever started the manscaping trend! Men are getting pedicures so you don’t care if he rubs his feet in on your legs. Waxing/shaving the extra body hair so things don’t smell or have that nice, smooth finish that makes a woman want to keep her hand on you 24/7. Facials & masks to make their skin healthy & ageless. Then accessories!! Cuff links, suspenders, ascots, messenger bags, attachĂ©’ cases, watches, sunglasses, understated jewelry. Hell, even men’s socks came up. All that said, I do understand where some Black women think all that’s queer. Michael Ealy, Taye Diggs, Bokeen Woodbine, Blair Underwood, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Omar Epps, Dijmon Hountsu, Idris Elba, to name a few. Black men that many Black woman would kill to have 5 minutes alone with-think they’re queer because they dress well, are well groomed & speak well?? Just can’t stand a Black man to look prettier than you, can you? Or maybe that good looking Black man rejected you so you call him queer to make yourself feel better? Dear heart, pick up a copy of QG, Details, or Esquire, check some designers (Ozwald Boateng Alexander McQueen, Yohji Yamamoto, Dries Vannoten, John Varvatos, Givenchy, Armani, Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren are a good start).

I’m friends with & associated with stylist men in Philly & not one is queer, bi or sugary. Each & every one is straight (or so their mom’s, girlfriends & wives tell me). I have no problem at being out-prettied by the guys because all their friends are fine too & it’s like Christmas everyday.

So if you see me on the street, breaking my neck to look at some well dressed Black man & you say he’s queer within my earshot, I will mentally slap the taste out your mouth. Then I’ll embarrass you by chatting the man up, getting his number & a date. Because it's better wake up!!


  1. LOL! Diva, I are gonna give someone a damn conniption! And, it will undoubtedly be the ashy-as-hell multitudes of men who PROTEST, SCOFF and BALK as you declare that...yes...a man CAN and SHOULD "lotion themselves down" *gasp* A WOMAN!!!!!

  2. And, everyone gave me grief over my Duran Duran "love"....I had a SUITGASM (yes, new word) every DAMN time one of their videos came on....yeah, so what they're "pretty"...I threw my draws at 'em (and STILL do)! Let's face it, y'all...women love a man in a well-cut suit!!!

    Even though I'm not dating teh menz (at the moment) ... I still believe that it is IMPERATIVE to groom thyself daily!!!!