Wednesday, December 8, 2010's that working for you??

President Obama extended to Bush Jr. era tax cuts. It saddens me greatly as an independant voter & one of the working poor. But unemployment benefits have been extended to millions of Americans who haven't had a job since Bush Jr. left office. That's a good thing but why do I feel I've been sodomized again?? Hhhhmmm...didn't the GOP have President Obama by the balls before?? No off shore drilling & drilling in protected areas then President Obama had to allow it for alternative energy bills to pass. Then B&P had on leak. The GOP didn't claim that since they caused it. So the President wants to be fair, wants both parties to work together for the good of the country after 8 years of GOP rule, which bankrupted the US. Oh, wait, some folks want things their way. Nevermind the citizens of the country, they want their country back because government has run amok. Really? I wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't working & living check to check just to survive. But thanks for looking out for my interests, since you never asked what those interests are, assholes!

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