Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just can't stand it can you??

It's been a year and a half with President Obama & his cabinet at the helm of our government.

So lets review some highlights of the former President Bush Jr's watch-2001-2009:

A never declared war in Afghanistan & Iraq

Household income dropped 2000-2007

Instituted the No Child Left Behind Act

Implemented the largest tax cut in US history

The response to Hurricane Katrina

Housing market collapsed

Mortgage crisis

Cut family planning funds to foreign countries

Opposed and vetoed SCHIP (health insurance for children)

Opposed the Kyoto Protocol

Vetoed stem cell research

Dismissed 4 Federal attorneys that caused a uproar since no one understood why & still don't.

Implemented President's Surveillance Program (anyone can be wire tapped)

Ignored the Geneva Convention

America's image goes downt he crapper globally.

So after 8 years, some people think President Obama's taking this country down by his policies. Really? I read the above & wonder how the US made it this far without other nations placing a ban on our exports.

Personally, I think it boils down to racism. An educated, well spoken, laid back Black man is in the Oval office & many folks just can't stand it. Don't think it's racism? Look at who's protesting the loudest. Yes, there are a few Black Americans that don't agree with President Obama but I haven't heard many over the roar of the tea parties & the Glenn Beck clones. And doubt they will be heard because of their race.

Really, we all know the real, underlining reason many kick President Obama everytime. We read, we have access to C-SPAN & alternative news outlets: He's Black & you just can't stand it!!

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  1. I know. Most of my leftist friends and acquaintances graciously conceded that disagreeing with Obama's policies didn't automatically make me a racist. However Hank Aaron and others cleared that up for me: it does.

    I don't know - I'm not black but if I was I don't know that I'd want Obama as the standard bearer of the first black president: incredibly corrupt, incompetent, devicive and secretive. (Incidentally, isn't he supposedly half white?)

    That being said, you won't get any argument from me about George Bush. He started the crony bailouts that Obama continued. And the tragedy known as the Iraq War will haunt this country for decades, assuming it lasts that long. In my view Bush drove us to the edge of the cliff - Obama just stepped on the gas.