Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Woman's Lib my ass...

I’m a woman. Yup, got the parts, the hormones & the shoes so I can safely claim to be a woman. As a woman, I want to be treated fairly, paid equality for any work that I do. Sounds fair & reasonable. And as a woman who wants to be treated fairly & paid equality, I understand that there are limits if I want to be treated fairly & equality.

Case in point, women reporters in men’s locker room. Why? I mean… you really think you’re not going to be harassed in a locker room with hyped up athletes?? Is it really necessary for a woman to be in a locker room full of men with a mic, asking about how he feels before or after a game? You don’t see male reporter’s in the WNBA locker rooms interviewing players so why do women reporters get a pass??

I’m not real big on women in combat but understand if that’s what they want to do, they should be able to do it & deal with consqueneses that come with it. I know there’s a lot of sexual harassment & assault in the military. That type of nonsense is uncalled for when women are serving their country in hostile territory then have to contend with misogynists assholes in their units.

Reporters have a choice in their assignments, unlike soldiers. What type of woman wants to be assigned to a locker room interview? She looking for a boyfriend?? She the fluffer for later?? I know, it’s crass but come on: the players don’t have their wives, girlfriends or kids in there…what makes you think they want a female reporter in there??

There are some things that need to be for & by men only. Reporting in a locker room: male only. And if a woman wants to be in the locker room to do an interview, boo hoo…not going to happen.

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